Staff Augmentation

Add high-quality talent to your existing teams.

Staff Augmentation
If you have an existing team and want to improve the user experience or start a project from scratch, UX/UI design will help you achieve your goals. Staff Augmentation allows you to add highly skilled talent to your existing team, enhancing agility and flexibility. Targeted at technology companies, software firms, or startups that need a quick expansion of their development team.

Our Talent Profiles


  • Front-end developers: Create the visible and interactive part of software using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


  • Backend developers:Work on the server, manage databases, implement APIs, and create business logic using languages like Python, Java, and PHP.


  • Fullstack developers: Handle all layers of an application, from user interface to server logic.


  • UX/UI Designers: Focused on understanding user needs, researching, and designing user-friendly interfaces.


  • Database Specialists: Design database structures, optimize performance, ensure data security, and handle data queries and manipulation.


  • Quality Control Engineers: : Conduct tests to identify and resolve issues, ensuring the application meets quality standards.


  • Software Architects: Make key decisions about technologies and design patterns to create scalable, efficient systems that meet project requirements. 



Discover Why We're the Best Choice!


  • Specialized Experience:: Our teams consist of highly skilled professionals in specific areas of technological development.


  • Bilingual Staff: Fluent communication in English and Spanish ensures efficient collaboration without language barriers.


  • Effective Communication: Prompt synchronization, coordination, and quick problem-solving.


  • Flexibility and Scalability: We adjust teams according to your project needs, providing flexibility and agile responsiveness, and avoiding unnecessary costs.


Trust us to find the ideal talent and make things happen efficiently and successfully.